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Women Empowerment in the Workplace

In light of Women’s Month in South Africa, we will be taking a closer look at Women Empowerment in the Workplace. For many years, women’s abilities to participate within the working world were withheld. As time has passed, more women have thankfully joined the workplace, and have made a substantial impact in doing so.

A survey conducted by McKinsey and Company found that although many women have worked their way to success in large corporations, they are still underrepresented at every level. We therefore need to place importance on women empowerment in the workplace.

Here are 5 ways that you, as a business owner, can use to contribute to empowering women in the workplace:

Celebrate Success

A recent study found that employee recognition was most important to 37% of employees.

We are often quick to criticise people or continually remind them to work on something and get the job done. Although there are aspects of this that are necessary for business growth, it’s equally important to praise employees for their efforts. Recognizing hard work reinforces quality performance, increases productivity and forms positive relationships.

This is something to keep in mind for all employees, not only women!

Reduce the Wage Gap

Reducing the wage gap to empower women in the workplace.

Although many think that this well-known issue has been resolved, it is surprisingly still prevalent. Equality in the workplace has undoubtedly been one of the most spoken about topics, and rightfully so. Despite improvement in this field, the average women earns 8.6% less than the average man.

Here are a few things to consider when wanting to overcome the Gender Pay Gap:

  • Remain transparent about employee pay
  • Re-evaluate bonuses and promotions across genders
  • Allow for remote working
  • Encourage men to take parental leave

Be Approachable and Understanding

The working environment is often stressful, and therefore adding tension with employees only makes things more pressured. If you’re an employer, ensure you place importance on building good relationships with your employees. Studies show that employees who had mutually respectful relationships with their employers felt more productive and loyal to the company.

Place importance on Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity.

There has been considerable change in the working world over the last few years, especially when considering COVID-19 as a catalyst.

For many years, the standard for good work was based on sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. We all know that this not only hinders productivity, but it doesn’t produce quality work. As an employer, you should shift your focus to place importance on quality of work as opposed to quantity of time spent working. This would allow women, especially mothers, the flexibility to juggle the balance between work and life.

Embrace individuality

No two people are the same right? It’s important to recognise that every women is their own individual, and therefore has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of criticising and stereotyping women, shift your energy to uplift and empower women by embracing their individuality. Don’t expect the women in your team to adhere to stereotypical ideas of femininity. Allow them to comfortably be their own person, and support them in doing this.


Women contribute enormously to the functioning of everyday life for each one of us. To show our appreciation for their continued efforts within and outside of the workplace, let’s put these tips into practice to contribute to women empowerment in the workplace!

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