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What’s Hot on TikTok

TikTok for Business is a large market for streaming and shopping. Not only are more and more brands seeing the value in influencer marketing, but it also has amazing ad reach.

By now, you should already know what TikTok is, but if you need us to jog your memory, here is a quick overview.

Let’s take a look at what’s currently hot and trending on TikTok, and provide a brief overview of how merchants can get on this burgeoning platform in order to climb the ranks and turn taps into conversions.

TikTok is home to 1 billion users worldwide; 47,3% of which are between the ages of 18-24 (remember, the GenZ generation are the trendsetters). Word-of-mouth marketing strategies are trending, where getting people and faces to market products helps build trust between merchants and consumers.

3 Hot spaces on TikTok for Business

1) #BeautyTok is hot

If you’re in the beauty, fashion, or cosmetics eRetail space, TikTok is an intergalactic mammoth of a marketplace. There are niche communities like #makeupanalysis, #brows, and #hairhacks to help you climb up the TikTok rankings and product reviews are also a surefire way to get your products top of mind.

2) Gadgets, gimmicks and ergonomics

What do a bear car air freshener, a bubble gun, a battery-powered head massager, and a back stretching mat have in common? Well, they’re all problem-solvers. They’re ergonomically designed gadgets (a little gimmicky to some) that currently stand as the leading gadgets going viral on TikTok for business.

TikTok reaches a varied audience worldwide, so if you’re in the gadget industry, no matter how gimmicky the products may be, TikTok is the ultimate platform to those gadgets into the hands of your consumers.

3) Hot off the press: Stream, Clean & Do-It-Yourself

Automated soap-dispensers and multi-purpose cleaning brushes also fall into the ‘problem-solving’ category, too. All in all, cleaning = satisfaction, and TikTok has the perfect interface to make it known.

The TikTok feed format ensures that you can embed your ad in your customer’s ‘For You’ category, meaning that your squeaky clean ad can autoplay in your customers’ feeds.

Some hot products in August include a Bear Air Freshener for your Car and Cleaning ASMR

Remember, TikTok for business is not limited to these product items and niches, since product options are limitless. Fashion is the leading industry in eCommerce, followed shortly by furniture, then electronics, and then toys, DIY, and hobby-related products.

What is key here, is how to reach your audience and stay ahead of TikTok’s weekly ranks.

Heat up your eCommerce with TikTok Ads

There are two ad formats on TikTok:

Biddable Ads

Where you can place bids on ads within the network and customize your audience according to age, gender and location, ensuring that you’re product videos are in the main feed.

Dynamic Showcase Ads

This is where you can create a catalog on TikTok Ads Manager and automatically generate videos for these products. This ad format is excellent for reaching wide audiences and getting conversion results!

Connect Shopify and TikTok or create your WooCommerce feed for TikTok. Once your tracking tags are all set up, all you need to do is invest in an Ads Manager on TikTok. Now, climb up TikTok’s rank with ShopingFeeder‘s innovative TikTok integration do the rest for you.

Here is how you do it:

Once your TikTok Ads Manager has been created, head over to the ShoppingFeeder App

The ShoppingFeeder App integrates TikTok Ads Manager with TikTok

Head to your Dashboard > Feed Management > Channel Management

The ShoppingFeeder App integrates TikTok Ads Manager with TikTok

Select TikTok > Press the URL option

Simply copy & paste your feed URL here, directly from your TikTok Ads Manager.

Now, allow ShopingFeeder‘s innovative TikTok integration do the rest for you.


There’s no time like the present to get involved in a streaming marketplace like TikTok for Business, especially if you’re planning on reaching a wide audience and looking for incredible results on your ad spend.

Here, we have outlined which products are currently selling like hot cakes and provided some insight into how you can integrate Dynamic Ads on ShoppingFeeder.

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