Website Checklist for listing on Google

Contact Information

Any two out of the three information points are mandatory:

  • Contact Email Address
  • Business address
  • Business phone number

     2. Secure checkout 

Make sure a customer is able to add to cart and that your website has a checkout button.

     3. Refund Policy

Provide a return and refund policy that is easy to find on the website, preferably at the footer of every page. (Please refer to Ashleigh’s return and refund documentation) 

4. Billing terms & conditions

Provide clear billing terms and conditions – you’ll want to meet these guidelines:

  • Your billing terms and conditions must be clear and conspicuous to users.
  • Your billing terms and conditions cannot only be provided through a link.
  • Your prices and billing methods must be easily located on your website and clearly visible to users. Providing prices and billing information in very small print on your website isn’t considered clear to users.
  • Subscription-only billing and products are not allowed.

5. Testimonials

Ensure there are true customer testimonials, as Google can reconsider false claims and/or bad business practice. 

6. Pricing

Check that pricing remains the same on all pages. Ensure that VAT is not included only at checkout or that there are no hidden costs that change the price in the shopping cart.

Product descriptions

Read through some product descriptions and ensure there are no false claims, such as claiming what results can be achieved by using the product.

Products that are not allowed

  • CBD products
  • Hunting weapons
  • Pharmaceutical products 
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