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Using Pinterest for Business

Many businesses don’t know about Pinterest for Business. We may know that Pinterest has been around since 2009, and it started out as a platform for finding visual clues about topics of interest. However, businesses can also make use of business-specific features.

Jump to today and it seems that Pinterest is one of the most important platforms that users consult before making a purchase or deciding on what to buy. Additionally, Pinterest has over 320 million monthly active users in the US alone – meaning that there is a huge potential audience to tap into by using a Pinterest feed.

After understanding the significant impact that Pinterest has on online shoppers, it’s worth unpacking why your brand should use this platform and, additionally, learn how to start selling your products on Pinterest.

Why selling on Pinterest Business is a good idea

Did you know that 89% of its 320-million US pinners on the platform are planning purchases, with about half of this figure (that’s 150 million users) logging on just to shop? That means that there’s a massive wealth of opportunity lying in Pinterest users alone.

Other benefits include:

  • Boosting brand exposure
  • Pinterest is inspirational to many people
  • Women are the main audience of Pinterest, meaning that if your product targets women, Pinterest is a good choice.
  • Visual Search is rising – and that’s what Pinterest is all about.
  • Pinterest has a strong global footprint, with over 400 million monthly active users reported in 2020.
Pinterest on phone

How much does Pinterest Business cost?

Creating a Pinterest business account is free. This means that there is no cost to gain analytics features and tools.

If you are in a country that has enabled Pinterest Shopping, you will be allowed to place ads. Pinterest ads work on a ‘cost-per’ basis. You can choose whether you’d like to go for CPC for every click to your website, CPM per thousand impressions for awareness or cost-per-engagement or CPE such as saves repins and more for your pins.

Like other CPC models, your budget will be set at a daily rate.

Some of the minimum costs you can expect are:

  • USD: $0.10 (CPC)/ $0.10 (CPE)/ $5.00 (CPM)
  • GBP: £0.08 (CPC)/ £0.08 (CPE)/ £4.00 (CPM)
  • CAD: $0.15 (CPC)/ $0.15 (CPE)/ $7.50 (CPM)
  • EUR: €0.11 (CPC)/ €0.11 (CPE)/ €5.50 (CPM)
  • AUD: $0.15 (CPC)/ $0.15 (CPE)/ $7.50 (CPM)
  • NZD: $0.16 (CPC)/ $0.16 (CPE)/ $8.00 (CPM)

Cons of using Pinterest

Some things to consider before using Pinterest include:

  • Pinterest’s audience is very specific. Your product should appeal to this audience.
  • Popular pins all look a certain way, and have high visual standards. If your pins are poorly made, you likely won’t see much success on the platform.
  • There are legal issues around sharing and saving the content of others. Some pins may be removed due to copyright violations. Likewise, someone might steal your pin. Pinterest posters are not always original content creators.
  • Some Pinterest boards are more lifestyle oriented, and may not be fit for business purposes unless your business is also lifestyle oriented. Some examples of this include recipes, exercises, fashion and even home decor.
  • Automation is difficult with Pinterest. Business accounts on Pinterest offer only basic scheduling and tracking options.
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Pinterest Features

You can think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard for all things visual. Some of its unique features include:

  1. Visual search functionality to find or buy specific items. Also available for web browsers.
  2. Moving pins between boards in large batches.
  3. A Pinterest browser extension to easily add pins to your boards.
  4. Filtering is prevalent throughout the app. Filtered search helps you easily find creators, boards and specific pins.
  5. Board layout and rearrangement can be easily changed, including board covers.
  6. Snap a picture using the Pinterest Lens to find online versions of the same real-world item.
  7. Secret boards that are private and never shared.
  8. Instant ideas lets you see similar things to what you’ve liked in the past.
  9. Group boards to collaborate with family, friends or even an influencer or business partner.

Supported Countries

Most countries around the world support Pinterest for business, as well as personal accounts.

However, Pinterest Shopping is only available in a few regions around the world.

You can view the list of supported countries here.

Pinterest Business Integrations

Pinterest currently offers a lot of integrations for its users.

Some of the first integrations that a Pinterest Business user can set up include connecting Instagram, Youtube and Etsy accounts with Pinterest.

If you are in a country that allows Pinterest Shopping, you are able to connect your product feed to Pinterest to set up new pins automatically.


ShoppingFeeder is able to help you set up your Pinterest feed, get in touch today and we’d love to help you out.

Pinterest is a versatile and unique social media platform to consider using, and we recommend giving it a go if your product generally does well with female audiences.


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