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Using Microsoft Ads

Using Microsoft Ads for your Campaigns

Listing products on various channels might be tempting but businesses need to keep audience type, cost and propensity to convert in mind.

We’ve compiled a guide about the ins and outs of Microsoft Ads for your campaigns and how to use this channel optimally. Microsoft Ad Campaigns or Microsoft Bing (formerly known as Bing Ads) consist of campaigns that display on the Microsoft audience network, like Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

What are Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft ads are similar Google Ads in that they both use search engine keywords and phrases to target customers in terms of their intent, loyalty, and language. Microsoft Ads has a wide network of over one billion monthly users.

Success in conversions can be achieved by Microsoft’s Smart Feeds, which uses AI-powered Audience technology, you can create your product ads to target audiences who are more likely to convert.

Microsoft Ads Vs. Google Ads

Perks of Microsoft Ads vs Google Ads:

  • Microsoft Ads have a 45% higher click-through-rate (CTR) than Google ads
  • Microsoft Ads have a narrower and more niche audience than Google Ads
  • Microsoft CPC rates are lower than Google Ads

Cons of Microsoft Ads Vs Google Ads:

  • Given the narrower audience, Microsoft Ads reaches fewer consumers than Google
  • Some merchants report a complicated interface in comparison to Google Ads
  • There are fewer customer support resources
  • There is less flexibility with ad words and key phrases than other ad networks
Using Microsoft Ads features your products on Bing, IOL and Yahoo
High Quality images featured under the ‘Images’ tab on Bing.com

How much do Microsoft Ads cost?

Setting up a Microsoft Ads account is free, but the price of an ad is based on the demand for your product. Microsoft Ads uses a bidding system and cost-per-click (CPC) according to your industry and key phrases used.

Return on Ad Spend

Microsoft Ads provides you with a unique UET tag (if you’re on Shopify) or gives you the opportunity to create one for yourself if you’re with WooCommerce, and Magento (Adobe Commerce). This tag allows you to track conversions, clicks, impressions and Return on Ad Spend.

Microsoft Ads has a bidding strategy called Target ROAS, where based on the historical performance of your products, you can set your target ROAS that measures the amount of revenue earned for each bid spent on advertising. With Target ROAS you can either:

  • Set your overall budget limit, or
  • Set your maximum CPC (cost-per-click) budget

Since you cannot change bids for keywords, Microsoft Advertising will therefore have the final say over optimizing your bids.

Learn more about Microsoft Ads Target ROAS.


Microsoft ads Multi-Channel allows you to create an online presence for your products on Facebook and Google Ads, and so much more:

Integrating Microsoft Ads with Google Ads

You can run Google Ads with Microsoft by importing your product data feed from Google ads and integrating it onto Microsoft ads.

If you have multiple stores and accounts, we would recommend using the ShoppingFeeder app or FeedNexus if you’re an agency.

Integrating Microsoft Ads with Facebook Marketing campaigns

Facebook’s marketing approach is very different from Microsoft and Google Ads where your ads display on the Facebook feed, as well as on Instagram through the Facebook catalog.

The style of Facebook ads is different from Google’s, and they’re more likely to display on potential customer feeds. You can also use Microsoft Ads to run Facebook ads by granting Microsoft advertising permission to import your Facebook campaigns.

You can also find out about Choosing Google or Facebook ads here.

An all-in-one product feed integration

Yet, it might be a headache to integrate your products onto relevant channels via Microsoft ads one-by-one. A multi-channel strategy allows you to broaden your audience reach with a well-managed, optimized data feed with high SERP ratings.

One of the easiest ways to integrate Microsoft Ads onto Facebook, Bing, Google ads, Instagram, and more is with ShoppingFeeder’s multi-channel platform. This powerful software allows you to simply integrate your product data feed onto key channels using your product feed URL.

Running Microsoft Ads with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento (Adobe Commerce)

Upload your product catalog to your Microsoft Ads with these simple steps.

First, you need to set up an account on your Microsoft Merchant Center where you customize your store name, set your target countries, insert your contact details, and set up your billing information.

Now, go to the ShoppingFeeder App and connect your product URL with your Microsoft Advertising Account. You can learn all about it by visiting our Helpdesk: Add Feed to Bing/Microsoft Advertising.

Return on Ad Spend with ShoppingFeeder

When ShoppingFeeder is integrated with Microsoft Ads, you have the opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft and ShoppingFeeder’s smart feeds which allows you to reach those audiences with a higher propensity to convert.

ShoppingFeeder and FeedNexus implements best practice when it comes to improving your business or your clients ROAS and ROI, by eliminating low-quality and wasteful ads.

Using a multi-channel strategy gets your feeds optimized for Microsoft Ads
ShoppingFeeder Smart Feeds & Bing Integrations


We’ve given businesses the inside scoop on Microsoft Ads and many more popular channels to get your product feed front and centre to a convertible audience.

If you’d like to get your stores set up, optimized, and managed by an expert team on a powerful platform, visit ShoppingFeeder.com.

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