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TikTok For Business is live in South Africa

TikTok For Business has officially launched in South Africa. This launch comes after TikTok South Africa confirmed an exclusive partnership agreement with 365 Digital, an advertising and publishing firm.

What is TikTok For Business?

TikTok For Business lets brands tell immersive stories and provides a dynamic consumer experience while also tapping into their target market. This platform is trendy amongst Millenial and Gen Z audiences, ranging from ages 18-34.

Since entering South Africa’s market, Tiktok, a popular video-sharing platform, has seen massive user growth. Due to reports and research, we estimate that TikTok had an estimated 6 million downloads in 2020. Many are envisaging TikTok as the next big social media platform for brands and consumers alike. 

Brands have been anticipating TikTok for Business’s launch, as it allows them the chance to connect with a growing young, local audience. 

Some businesses are touting TikTok as the new rival to Instagram and are hoping to use the platform in a similar way to engage with brands. 

TikTok is live in South Africa
TikTok is live in South Africa

Popular TikTokers in South Africa

Did you know that many South Africans are using TikTok right now and make income as influencers and content creators on the platform?

The top performers on the platform at present are:

  1. Wian Magician, a magician with over 12 million followers at present.
  2. Daniel Vermaak, a 21-year-old with over 3.1 million followers creating comedy content.
  3. Chané Grobler, with 2.3 million followers who enjoy her sing-along and relationship content.
  4. Witney Ramabulana has around 1.7 million followers from her comedy and lifestyle content. 
  5. Troy Shepherds, with over 1.5 million followers enjoying his comedy content. He has also starting amassing a following on YouTube from reviewing and ranking local fast-food restaurants.

Unsurprisingly, most of these top earners are from the Gen Z generation, highlighting the platform’s popularity among this demographic. 

Wian magician tiktok
Wian Magician on TikTok, one of the most popular content creators in SA

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