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Measure success on Microsoft Ads for Shopify

Success on Microsoft Ads on Shopify

Is your Shopify business needing a little extra love and attention on Microsoft Ads, formerly Bing ads? Does the price-per-click fee look great in theory but your Microsoft Advertising Return on Investment and Return on Ad Spend is not exactly what you hoped for?

Here’s a quick overview on how to get success on Microsoft ads with Shopify:

Make sure your Campaign Budget is realistic

With Bing Shopping Ads, it’s better to start your ppc campaign with a smaller budget and increase it from there, instead of attributing a large budget to a search campaign. Reduce your bids by 50% to start off so you better understand your conversions.

Your Microsoft Ads Feed Display

Although you can transfer your Shopify Google product data feeds to your Microsoft Ads feed, it’s important to keep in mind that what might work for Shopify Google product ads display might not work for the Microsoft ads display

Know your audience niche

  • Bing users are more likely to search on desktop, so plan your budget based on this
  • “People in my targeted area” is a better location type than “people searching in my targeted area”

The key to success is measuring your ROI/ROAS and adjusting your campaigns accordingly. Read more about Bing Ads Best Practices.

ROI/ROAS calculations

Marketing metrics use the ROAS calculation formula, while profitability metrics use the ROI calculation formula

Your ROAS analysis is important because you can measure whether your marketing budget is giving you the right results that adhere to your conversion and click targets. Here is your ROAS formula:

Calculate success by measuring your ROAS

Your ROI analysis gives you an indication of the overall performance of your investment. Here is your ROI formula:

Calculate success by measuring your ROI

Optimization for your Product Feeds

It’s important to remember that the most incredible product with a high budget might not display if your product campaign is not optimized with the right keywords and high-quality imagery for the search engine optimization campaign.

The ShoppingFeeder app manages your campaigns for you to get your products in the top line and eliminating wasteful ads.

You can simply integrate your Shopify Store with Microsoft Ads through ShoppingFeeder’s powerful platform, where you can export your feed to Microsoft and track the real-time performance of your campaign to ensure you’re reaching your ROI and ROAS goals.


We hope you enjoyed this overview on how to measure your ad campaign success on Microsoft Ads for Shopify!


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