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ShoppingFeeder’s Top Tips for BFCM

At ShoppingFeeder, we work extremely hard to ensure our customers achieve success in their businesses. Black Friday and the festive season is without a doubt the busiest time of year for all our customers. With this in mind, our willing team have put together a few last minute tips that will help you going into BFCM and the festive season. From our CEO and all other team members at ShoppingFeeder, we wish you a successful BFCM! Take a look at ShoppingFeeder’s Top Tips for BFCM:

Tip 1 – Bundles

Product Bundles

“Use bundling to add value, increase basket size and discourage comparisons with competitors. Often, counterintuitively, the best bundles are not necessarily related products. For example, bundling barbeque tongs with a hammer drill sounds odd, but it’ll broaden the appeal of the bundle.”

– Kevin Tucker, Founder & CEO

Tip 2 – Advertising

“Create site link extensions on Google for your Black Friday landing page and adjust your ad copy to reflect your BFCM offers.”

– Robyn Hendricks, Senior Campaign Manager

Tip 3 – Trust

“For some, like the older generation, the online shopping experience is still a little foreign. Social trust and transparency is your best friend here, because they prefer dealing with people in person. Showcase your reviews, make sure people can see the way you conduct your business, and if something goes wrong, go out of your way to make it right. Your conduct, especially when something goes wrong, will win you loyal customers, and what better time than Black Friday to grow your client base. Win them now and you will enjoy their patronage in the future, because they trust your services!”

– Roland D. Knoetze, Product Owner

Tip 4 – Communication

“Communicate your offers clearly and have a strong call to action – promote your offers across channels. Use BestSellers to your advantage – incorporate a Black Friday landing page featuring your top selling products.”

– Shireen Robinson, Business Development Manager

Tip 5 – Feed Optimisation

“Include the keyword “Black Friday Sale” on each product title eligible or selected to be part of the promotion.”

– James Jiri, Customer Success Manager

How to do it? Use the ShoppingFeeder Field Operator:

Tip 6 – Social Media

Social Media

“Build anticipation and excitement through social media, especially the week leading up to Black Friday.”

– Wesley Aylward, Customer Success Manager

Tip 7 – Loyalty

“BFCM and the festive season is often a time when consumers purchase from multiple stores. To make your store stands out, and to maintain the customers you acquire from BFCM, create a loyalty points program and keep in touch with customers through email marketing to promote future purchasing.”

– Kaylee Taylor, Content & Community Manager


As we head into the madness of BFCM week, the team at ShoppingFeeder has offered a few tips to help bring some calm to the chaos. We hope ShoppingFeeder’s Top Tips for BFCM are helpful! From our hardworking team to yours, we wish you a successful conversion crazy BFCM and festive season!

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