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There are many online marketing channels to choose from, so it can be tempting to list your products on every channel. Since there are many global platforms to choose from, have you heard of a platform called Pricecheck?

We’re going to discuss everything about this platform that you may need to know:

What is PriceCheck?

PriceCheck is one of the most extensive product & financial services platforms in Africa. It was established in 2006 by Kevin Tucker and has grown into a platform that allows visitors to compare millions of products from thousands of stores.

This model is also known as a price comparison website. The benefit of using a price comparison website is that it allows users to compare prices of identical products from many different stores quickly.

PriceCheck Homepage
PriceCheck Homepage

How much does PriceCheck Cost?

It costs nothing to list your products on PriceCheck. However, you will pay a fee for every click that redirects a user to your website.

These costs could be anything from R20 up to R400 in terms of CPM (cost per thousand). This final cost will depend on variable factors, including your position on the page and amongst others. The easiest way to get a full cost estimate is to contact PriceCheck, who will then send you their rate card to consider.

Why should I use PriceCheck?

  • PriceCheck can be used on desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Join thousands of stores and millions of products with thousands of monthly active users.  
  • Sell products directly on PriceCheck’s Marketplace or send users to your website. If using the Marketplace, PriceCheck will handle payments, delivery and customer service. 
  • Prices are updated multiple times a day to ensure accuracy.
  • There is no cost involved in merely listing products – you’ll only pay when people click through to your website or add your items to their cart. 
  • Get detailed reporting on your performance on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.  
  • Provides an immediate ‘add to cart’ function for those who don’t yet have a website, allowing more people to participate in eCommerce. 
Daily Deals
Daily Deals and Recommendations

Considerations when using PriceCheck 

  • You are competing with a lot of stores when it comes to similar products. Your pricing may be too high to see real results, depending on your product category and competition on the platform. 
  • It would help if you qualified to become a Trusted Shop, which the qualifications team will analyse. There is no guarantee that you will become a Trusted Shop.

Platform Features

  • Use a robust, intelligent search engine that has been designed to allow users to search quickly and accurately for products they want to buy. This experience lets buyers learn more about your products and merchants that sell them, which could be you!
  • Secure payments for every sale
  • Delivery of Marketplace items from 1-5 working days
  • Trusted Shop features let us display your store as a trusted shop to encourage users to purchase online from your store in particular.
  • Access detailed information about your store with the Shop Administration Programme.
  • Easily send or update your product catalogue with specific plugins. This will make XMLs. Custom options are available on request.

Supported Countries

PriceCheck is currently only available to merchants who want to sell within the borders of South Africa.

We will notify you if this changes in the near future.


PriceCheck and ShoppingFeeder were both founded by Kevin Tucker, so, naturally, ShoppingFeeder is an excellent integration for PriceCheck users who also run eCommerce stores.

This is because the software easily allows store owners to go live on sales channels where their customers shop. PriceCheck is easily integrated with online stores using the ShoppingFeeder plugin to ensure prices are continuously updated from one central location. 

Another platform integrated with the website is uAfrica, which focuses on fulfilment and delivery for eCommerce merchants.

PriceCheck Interface
PriceCheck Interface


PriceCheck is a fantastic platform for South African eCommerce stores selling physical products.

Don’t be defeated by the large competition on the platform because it gets thousands of visitors every day and can be a useful way to ensure your business stands out amongst the competition. 

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