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Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday

As we know, first impressions are important, and your packaging is often a customers first introduction to your product. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we’re all hoping for an influx of sales. However, if your packaging isn’t up to scratch, you might miss out on this opportunity. This means you need to ensure you have both an effective system in place to package your products, as well as an appealing look to your products. Use these Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday to get you on the right track!

But first, let’s just highlight and recap why packaging is important:

  • Protects your product from damage.
  • Displays the product inside the package.
  • Attracts potential buyers.
  • Sets your product aside from competitors.


Packaging isn’t something that magically happens overnight. There are multiple things you need to consider when you want to package a product. If you’re considering creating gift boxes for the festive season or combo deals for Black Friday, you may need to look at packaging these differently.

Packaging lead times can take up to a month, so it’s important to start preparing now! When thinking of packaging for your product, it’s essential to keep the following 3 P’s of packaging in mind:

  • 1. Protection
  • 2. Preservation
  • 3. Presentation

By getting the ball rolling, you’ll have time to organize yourself and test out your product packaging before the worldwide shopping spree begins! Let’s take a closer look into each of these three P’s…

1. Protection

Protection as one of the 3 P's of Packaging. Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday.

The primary reason for packaging is to ensure your product is adequately protected. Depending on what products your store sells, you need to adopt a packaging design that is suited to each product. For example, if you sell fragile products, you need to consider using shock-absorbent packaging like bubble wrap. On the other hand, if your store sells products like T-shirts, your packaging would perhaps only be a plastic sleeve.

This may not be so simple in cases like Black Friday when multiple different products are ordered. Use these tips when considering how to protect your products on Black Friday:

  • Make use of 3 different sized double-walled boxes to accommodate for small, medium and large orders.
  • Use bubble wrap to secure fragile products.
  • Avoid using cloth or fabric bags (except in cases of small products – like jewellery).
  • Use a thick parcel tape to ensure the box is secure.

2. Preservation

Preservation as one of the 3 P's of packaging. Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday

The next important thing to ensure when packaging your products is that they will be preserved until they reach the customer. This step may not be relevant to all products, but if you sell food products or health and beauty products, you would need to ensure they have a long shelf life.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when wanting to preserve your products:

  • Plan to manufacture product batches that will have a shelf life that surpasses the holiday season (ie: beauty products usually have a shelf life of 6 months. Therefore, start manufacturing these products a month before you plan to sell them).
  • If you sell food items, ensure your packaging takes into account possible temperature changes during transit.

3. Presentation

Presentation as one of the 3 P's of Packaging. Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday

Finally, we all know how important first impressions are. 72% of Americans say their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging design. And with there being so many other eCommerce stores taking advantage of the shopping frenzy sales, you’re going to want to make sure your product packaging stands out above the rest!

Although your product design is probably already established, there are other ways of creating a delightful customer experience. Customization is an idea to consider if you’re wanting to place importance on presentation over the holiday season. Here are a few ideas:

  • Custom-printed boxes specifically for BFCM or the holiday season.
  • Include handwritten notes or thank you cards.
  • Use holiday-themed packing tape.
  • Make use of customized stickers and tissue paper.

Extra Tips to Keep In Mind

Here are a couple extra prime packaging tips for Black Friday:

  • Keep it on brand
    • Make sure your seasonal packaging still reflects your brand identity.
  • Don’t go overboard
    • Customizing every aspect of your packaging for Black Friday and the festive season will only leave you with a massive bill to pay and packaging wastage.
    • For more advice on this, make sure to check out our article on 6 common Black Friday mistakes.
  • Ask shoppers to share photos of their package when it arrives
    • This is a great way to maximise your investment of festive season packaging. Perhaps brainstorm a hashtag people can use when posting about their holiday season order.
  • Make it reusable
    • Generation Z is all for sustainability. Make sure to encourage recycling or reusing of packaging materials.


Packaging is arguably one of the most important aspects when it comes to selling a product. It’s essential to ensure product packaging checks three boxes: protection, preservation and presentation. We hope these Prime Packaging Tips for Black Friday will be useful in gearing your store up for the biggest eCommerce day of the year!

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