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5 popular ecommerce trends to watch

5 Popular eCommerce Trends to Watch

Here are 5 popular eCommerce trends to watch in the market, forecasted by ShoppingFeeder HQ. Discover how the online retail market is humanizing brands to maintain customer loyalty and stay relevant in an ever-expanding market.

See it with Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) uses digital information to allow customers to preview products in their own environments. You know that sleeper couch that you saw on Google Ads that you haven’t stopped thinking about? Well, AR allows you to view what this couch looks like as a 3D model in your home, so you can test it before you buy it.

Watch this video by Shopify Developer, Coding with Jan

Keep Watch of Personalized Shopping

Personalized shopping, or a personalized customer experience, considers the unique characteristics of the individual shopper(s) and adapts technology to tailor to consumer needs. Consumers value personalization due to its relevance. eRetailers who personalize the shopping experience can expect increased customer loyalty and conversions.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 71% of Shoppers expect a personalized shopping experience, according to McKinsey & Company. A large part of this experience is for eCommerce retailers to take note of customer shopping behavior:

  • How do shoppers navigate the store?
  • Which products are attention grabbers?
  • How emotional are the shoppers?

Here are two mechanisms to personalize shoppers’ experience online:

  • Dynamic Discounting: The process of discounting products personally. Basically, these are specific discounts, on specific products for specific people, meaning no two shoppers will receive the same discount. This powerful feature can be easily integrated from any Shopify or WooCommerce platform, and is soon to be integrated into the ShoppingFeeder & FeedNexus app! Watch this space.
Popular eCommerce trends include adopting an optimized digital strategy like dynamic discounting
Dynamic Discounting in Action
  • Recommendations: This innovation is quite simple, really. Think of this AI-powered technology as a shop assistant in a physical store. Recommendations are made according to customer shopping habits, providing extra products that they think they might want to buy. Love that pair of jeans? Well, this belt will certainly elevate your look!

Want to add recommendations to your Google Shopping ads or PriceCheck? Chat to our experts!

Keep Watch for More Payment Options

with bobPay massively contributing to the rise of BidorBuy, easy payment methods are important to consider in the ever-changing climate.

Ways to pay are endless and range from simple Cash on delivery (COD), to EFT, to payment wallets, and cryptocurrency. Recently, platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento (now Adobe Commerce) have started to accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency gateways payment methods.

Some pros include anonymous transactions and lower fees. However, cons include high volatility, crypto taxes, and minimal buyer protection.

Watch over with Optimized Digital Strategies

In this day and age, and considering the above mentioned futuristic trends in eCommerce, it’s necessary to have an actionable, strategic marketing plan to optimize your eCommerce business.

How does one make decisions in a competitive market like eCommerce? eRetailers and agencies need to consider two very important things: Prioritizing the customer journey and, of course, data!

Data may be difficult to grasp for everyone, but with powerful tools like Google Analytics, as well as ShoppingFeeder’s and FeedNexus‘s simple dashboards, that give you key insights into clicks, conversions, and revenue goals. These dashboards help eRetailers simply discern which points require action!

ShoppingFeeder's intuitive dashboard forms part of these eCommerce trends.
ShoppingFeeder Dashboard

Watch Live Shopping

You’ve heard it here before. TikTok is a hot marketplace! Buyers, sellers, and content creators are bolstering collaboration through quick, streamable selling.

Not to mention, Youtube and Shopify have recently partnered up with a tool that allows you to pin products to videos for consumers to buy them.


It goes without saying, the future of eCommerce is boosting customer-centric approaches like Augmented Reality, personalized shopping experiences, diverse payment options, optimizing feeds for actionable insights, and granting access to shopping whilst streaming.

Want to know how our trusty experts can help you put your customers’ experience front and centre, granting you access to actionable insights to drive those conversions, visit www.shoppingfeeder.com and we will get in touch!

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