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Planning Ahead for BCFM is essential to your online store

Plan Ahead for Black Friday 2022

It’s time to plan your Black Friday strategy ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)!

Black Friday 2022 is less than 2 months away, so planning your campaigns ahead of time is essential to the success of your online store and for drawing customer interest. Let your audiences know that your Shopify, WooCommerce, or AdobeCommerce store is hosting a range of ‘Black Friday Deals’ to get potential customers thinking of your business when Black Friday 2022 hits.

Plan Ahead for Black Friday 2022 with these nifty tips
Plan Ahead for Black Friday 2022 with these nifty tips

Here’s some insights for further reading:

The key here is to start early. Here are a few tips and tricks to get selling ahead of BFCM:

Tip 1: Black Friday Sneak Peeks

Build anticipation this Black Friday by implementing sneak peeks of your products with your marketing plan:

  • Promote your products on Social Media
  • Update your Social Media banners to showcase your new and improved products
  • Use newsletters to connect with your subscribers (perhaps even offer them exclusive loyalty deals)

Tip 2: Publish Black Friday articles with a high SEO ranking

Keywords – don’t forget your keywords! Optimizing your articles on your Shopify store with high Google search engine rankings is a surefire way to get your current and potential audience hooked!

SEO is a long game and takes some time to get traction, that’s why it’s important to start as early as possible to get your products on the top line.

Tip 3: Join new, lesser known or highly popular channels

Marketing channels make your campaigns memorable. Your audience will likely be anticipating some Black Friday deals prior to buying, so it’s important to export your product feed from WooCommerce or your Shopify store onto new or diverse channels by using ShoppingFeeder. This way, you can derive traffic from multiple sources so they’re aware of your products. Use social media channels for your e-commerce store, such as TikTok, Facebook Catalog, and Pinterest, to boost your products:

  • Google Ads will allow you to reach a wide, competitive and varied audience through their Google Partner Network.
  • Microsoft Ads is a good way to get selling to a predominantly US or Canadian audience, with a high click-through-rate (CTR).
  • TikTok shopping is a fun, exciting way to reach a varied, young and global audience. It’s also an excellent channel for building anticipation.
  • Pinterest is an excellent channel for audiences wishing to bring their dreams to life – if you’re in interiors, fashion, and crafts, Pinterest is not to be missed.
  • Facebook ads are social, clever in their campaign targeting specifications, and flexible in terms of your budget. You can also create “lifetime promotions” that span all the way through to Black Friday.
  • Takealot is the number one marketplace in South Africa and features excellent Black Friday, Cyber Monday Blue Dot Sales. If you’re marketing in South Africa, Takealot is a no-brainer!

See how you can get selling on multiple channels with ShoppingFeeder. Manage your product feed seamlessly, while we optimize your campaigns in preparation for your Cyber Monday Black Friday deals.

Tip 4: Discounts & Deals

This is where the true core of BFCM. Your discounts and deals can be streamlined in several funky ways:

  • Dynamic Discounts
  • Bundling
  • ‘Black Friday Sale’ in your keywords (remember to adjust your price!)
  • Coupons
  • ‘Exclusive offers’
  • Referral-based discounts

Watch the video below for some extra tips!

Final Thoughts

Don’t delay! Start early and get your store top-of-mind for the BCFM hype with these awesome Black Friday tips and tricks to pique your customer interest.
Looking for more ways to streamline your product feeds before Black Friday? Talk to our experts and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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