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New Recommendation Engine from ShoppingFeeder

ShoppingFeeder has built Recommendations from the ground up as a tool for you to improve on-site conversions and increase revenue. It’s completely non-technical and can be up and running in minutes.

Here’s how our Recommendations can benefit your store:

  • Easily cross-sell products like accessories to increase your store’s average order value.
  • Upsell pricier alternatives to customers before they place an order to increase your conversion rate and average basket size per order.
  • Our innovative Engine uses smart AI technology to build up product recommendations over time. As more of your customers engage with Recommendations, you can expect your recommendations to improve and adapt with your customers’ choices. 

Things to Note about Recommendations:

  • This is currently only available for Shopify merchants
  • OneLimited and Standard have a 15-day trial period.
  • The trial period is a fixed 15 days and is not recalculated upon unsubscribing and then re-subscribing.
  • The upsell recommendation engine is used on the product page
  • The recommendation enginee is charged at $30p/m
  • For non-Shopify merchants, Manage Services will not show

Here is an example of what the Recommendation Engine looks like:

Contact Us

If you are interested in our Recommendation Engine, please contact ShoppingFeeder so we can answer your questions and help you set it up for your Shopify store.

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