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How Apple’s iOS 14 Updates Might Impact Google Ads

Apple announced changes to iOS 14, which is set to arrive during the course of 2021. These changes have proven controversial; many lauded Apple for its commitment to ensuring data privacy. However, there may be adverse effects on marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Today, we’re discussing how this major update will affect Google Ads users on the whole.  

What changes can be expected?

One of the biggest changes is the adoption of the App Tracking Transparency or ATT policy. 

This new policy will make it mandatory for developers to ask for permission when using information from other apps and websites with a marketing intent, even if user consent has already been granted.

Who will these changes affect?  

Primarily, app developers, publishers and advertisers will be majorly affected by the new iOS 14 changes regarding Google Ads. 

The changes that Google marketers will face are not as drastic as those for Facebook marketers. We’ve also discussed the effects of the new iOS on Facebook Ads and how you can work around these changes. 

What is SKAdNetwork?

The SKAdNetwork will feature prominently in the new changes. It was launched in 2018. 

Apple’s SKAdNetwork is basically a new way to measure iOS app campaigns, wherein data for users is not available. It is also a way to receive the attribution of iOS advertising campaigns.

SK stands for StoreKit, which is Apple’s framework for developers to interact with the app store and in-app purchases. 

Your Visibility May Change

It’s probable that the new ATT policy from Apple could impact the visibility of specific marketing metrics or results that give users insight into how they are performing. Some examples of these metrics include app installs and sales. 

As a result, advertisers will likely value and bid on ad impressions in a different way. App developers and publishers may negatively impact their Google Ad revenue once the new policy takes effect. Users may start to decline permissions for the use of personal information from other websites.

To help app developers make the most of their iOS monetization rate, Google encourages developers to upgrade to version 7.64 of the Google Mobile Ads SDK to enjoy features from Google, like the SKAdNetwork.

If you think your app will be affected by this, read more from Google about successfully preparing your app for the new iOS 14.  

Measuring the performance of your ads on iOS 14

Google claims to be working together with Apple and other industry leaders to improve the Apple SKAdNetwork so that advertisers will still accurately measure their marketing campaign results. The SKAdNetwork is sometimes seen as less effective at tracking users than other solutions.  

However, before anything major is announced, Google recommends that app advertisers upgrade to the latest version of Google Analytics for Firebase to gain access to SKAdNetwork support.

App advertisers are also encouraged to continuously monitor all of their iOS App campaigns’ performance and delivery. Simultaneously, they should make any changes necessary to budgets and bidding to ensure their campaign goals are met. 

Apple iOS 14 Changes
Apple iOS 14 Changes


We can expect more updates to follow after the initial rollout of iOS 14 changes happens soon.

At present, the biggest affected group of users on Google is app advertisers, publishers and developers.

Google is currently working with Apple’s SKAdNetwork to envision appropriate solutions that can help advertisers gain better visibility for their marketing campaigns.

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