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Remote work for busy moms

We’ve covered remote working jobs before, but we haven’t delved into specific jobs for mothers or parents yet. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can also earn money from your home while the rest of the workforce is at home. At present, there’s no reason why we can’t find solutions for everyone to start working from home! 

If you’re looking for jobs that are specifically tailored towards mothers who want to work from home, look no further than ShoppingFeeder’s list. We hope this helps you plan how to decide how to proceed with remote working while still looking after your family and playing to your existing skills.

  1. Virtual Assistant 

This is a broad position and allows you to act as an online assistant in a variety of positions, from email management, personal assistant services, administration and bookings, or even social media management and bookkeeping. This is a sought-after job and you can earn up to $100 per hour if you opt to work for a high-tier international company. 

If you want to get started, check out remote’s website for some global job listings. Looking locally, check out VA Connect Careers in South Africa for virtual assistant jobs in real estate, sales, marketing, finance and executive assistance. 

You could always turn to a freelancing platform like UpWork and list yourself as a specific kind of virtual assistant, too!

  1. Proofreader

This is an opportunity for the readers and grammar enthusiasts out there! If you’re keen on words, love spotting grammatical/punctuation errors and can work quickly, you might want to look into remote proofreading. This is a highly demanded job, regardless of if you decide to work full-time or part-time. 

Often, proofreading positions are listed as communications, sub-editor, copywriter, junior publisher and more. You can try finding some in your area using a local job board such as Indeed, but they may not solely list online positions. For global opportunities, check out this comprehensive list of companies which are looking for online proofreaders in 2020.

  1. Social media manager

If you love browsing through social media, this is perfect for you! Social media is a vital aspect of digital advertising, and companies may be looking for experienced users in a variety of diverse industries. If you consider yourself more experienced than the average user, you could put your skills to use by managing social media accounts for businesses and getting paid for it. 

If you’re worried that you need more experience, you could ask a friend or relative if you can help them with their business account, or reach out to a small business in your area and ask for a trial run or free work before you can list your skills on your CV.

  1. Tutor

Are you good at helping your children learn new things, or complete their homework? Teaching your children is easily transferable to other children – which is now done online. The more education you have on a certain subject/topic, the higher you can expect to earn. 

Children of all ages need tutoring, from preschool to university. You can create your own website to start tutoring, post in Facebook groups and communities, or join an existing service that offers tutoring to children. Let your friends and family know by spreading the word! You can limit yourself to one specialist subject or branch out into a variety of topics. It’s all up to you and your knowledge – the sky really is the limit!

For international tutoring, check out Chegg Tutoring to get started quickly.

  1. Recruitment Assistant

If you enjoy helping people get placed into a new job role, a recruiting position may be a good fit for you. Recruitment assistants typically assist other human resources managers/staff with reviewing resumes, performing background checks, assisting with interviews, and onboarding new employees.

You can also expect to report on interviews and other findings that you may come across. Check out Indeed for more information on assisting with recruitment. You should note that you may need some experience in HR for this role, so read the job descriptions carefully before applying. We think you should still give it a shot, though, if you’re a ‘people person’!

  1. Health coach

This is another pick that is best suited to the active and healthy moms out there! Are you a stay-at-home mom who religiously stays in shape and prepares healthy meals? Why not use your existing skills and share them with other people in your circle? Remote roles in fitness, nutrition and mental health are an amazing way to help others live a healthier, more active lifestyle while maintaining your own health and fitness levels. As you might expect, this one isn’t suited to the couch potatoes among us! 

You could start advertising yourself on social media or look at UpWork for more information. 

  1. Web Designer

You may need some existing know-how for this role. Web designers create the aesthetic elements of a website, including navigational features, branding/graphics, picking between fonts, images and colors, and using HTML code to craft a fully-functional website. Typically, you should be able to show off a portfolio of existing work, so you might want to get started on building this up with some tutorials if you’re new to web design. Web designers can often work from home and it is typically easy enough to find freelance or flexible online positions in this field.

Check out How to Build Websites for more information on starting out with a free tutorial. 

  1. Accounting Assistant

As you may expect, this role will require some existing skills and experience. Accounting assistants will usually help businesses who have chosen to outsource their financial records, bank statement analysis, report writing, transaction processing, and other ad-hoc clerical tasks that will help the accounting department – sometimes, you could be the entire department! Attention to detail is key, as bookkeeping, data entry, word processing and other numerical skills are often required. Accounting assistants can find remote roles that may be full-time. part-time or even freelance/contractual. Check out Jooble for some global accounting opportunities. 

  1. Transcriber

You can set your own hours by viewing a huge database of audio files. You can choose the files that are best for you, depending on the difficulty and deadline. You will be setting your own schedule at every step, so this is an ideal side gig if you’ve got a few minutes to spare between other errands. 

Remember that you’ll need a good internet connection, a decent pair of earphones/headphones and a quiet space for ideal working conditions. Read more about it at TranscribeMe. 

  1. Translator

Are you bilingual or even multilingual? If you are comfortable speaking and writing in another language, this is a perfect way to net yourself some extra cash.

What you’ll be doing is translating audio or documents into another language for a remote client. Often, your jobs will have a fixed price, depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed. Rarer languages will also pay more.

Check out UpWork for more about translating documents/audio.

  1. Event Planner

Do you swear by your diary or planner to map out your to do list? Have you hosted some large birthdays or family gatherings, with photo evidence of the amazing decor and food? Remote event planning may be the perfect opportunity for you.

While some events may be put on hold due to the coronavirus, there’s certainly still households who will be celebrating birthdays or weddings that may need your help. If you like keeping up to date with trends in design, decor and food, and you love following through on projects, then this is a perfect chance for you. You should remember that you’ll need to stay level-headed and calm under pressure. Remember to have a backup plan (for your backup plan) in case something goes wrong on the day.

Start small and create a connection with local businesses and venues. You can take on events that work with your own schedule.

  1. Customer Service Representative

Are you a people person with strong communication skills? You could look for a job as a remote customer service rep. 

You’ll work with a brand or company and their existing customer base to answer questions, solve problems, and ensure customers are satisfied. You need a headset and phone access, although a headset may be preferable in some cases. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to be a specialist. 

Amazon is a big recruiter of customer service reps, remote or in-person. 

  1. Freelance Interior Designer

Do you have a thing for home decor? Do you like helping others pursue their dream home? 

Working as a Freelance Interior Designer could be the perfect choice for you.

It will start with clients sending through a picture of their existing home/room structure, with goals. It will become your job to put together a dossier or colours, swatches, furniture items and more – all fitting a tight budget! You’ll be responsible for managing and coordinating the decor/design project into completion.


Thanks for reading our list of job opportunities for mothers. We hope that it helped you realize that even if you’re staying at home with your children, there’s a ton of options available out there for you! 

ShoppingFeeder wishes you every success during this difficult period and encourages all to stay home and stay safe.

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