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A Guide to FeedNexus for Agencies

A Guide to FeedNexus

A Feed Management Solution for Agencies

If you have clients in the retail space, you may be curious about how to supercharge your agency portfolio and stay ahead of the retail game. ShoppingFeeder has a fantastic solution for your clients’ retail needs – keeping feeds relevant, recent and recommended.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at FeedNexus, a dynamic feed management platform for agencies and their e-retail clients. Scroll down to learn how to get your agency on board.

What is FeedNexus?

FeedNexus is a product feed management tool and service for agencies working on behalf of eCommerce clients. Its powerful features make it easy for you to organize your clients’ products on a number of relevant channels and platforms, like Google Shopping, Takealot, Shopify & more.

You can boost your clients’ ad performance through expert advice and real-time data auditing on where to make improvements. Our experts help you receive actionable insights about goal tracking and assist with solving issues as they arise.

A Custom Platform for Agencies

Improve your clients' feed management with expert advice

Concierge Onboarding and Data Services

Concierge onboarding with an agency expert, data quality audit, attribute mapping and data augmentation.

Improve your clients' feed management with actionable goals

Best Practice Insights and Implementation

Improve store ROI and ROAS by making sure that wasteful, low-quality ad campaigns are eliminated or optimized.

A solution to your clients' feed management with integrated audits

Integration and Audits on Google Ads and Facebook

Our experts will audit your shopping ads and advise on improvements to boost your clients’ ad performance

Run your clients’ stores seamlessly


Feed optimization focuses on the top-line goals, meaning that your client’s products are accessible, relevant and top of mind for customers. Optimizing product data helps improve conversion rates and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Expert advice in real-time ensures a streamlined and categorized client feed that’s easy for customers to find.

FeedNexus’s multi-channel strategy can improve your client’s performance and allow access to multiple stores. Agencies can also use multi log-in access in order to manage feeds for multiple clients.

The heads-up dashboard helps you track your clients’ performance and goals to ensure competitor advantage in the marketplace. Stay ahead with user insights, dynamic discounting, and customizable recommendations bolstering customer trust and relationships.

For more information, visit shoppingfeeder.com/services/feednexus

FeedNexus dashboard is a feed management tool for agencies
Source: ShoppingFeeder

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We hope this deep dive into FeedNexus provided insights into this powerful platform’s functions and services. It’s always good idea to optimize your clients’ channels so your agency can stay ahead of the curve.

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