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Google Shopping’s Redesign

Google Shopping has undergone some exciting changes this month, announcing on Thursday that the platform will now offer price tracking, local inventory search and order placement directly through Google.

Google Shopping Updates 

Personalized Homepage and New Design

Now available in the U.S via mobile and desktop, Google Shopping’s redesign offers personalized product recommendations on your homepage and product categories to simplify your shopping, with the Browse tab including departments for Apparel, Groceries, Electronics and so on. The Lists tab also helps you organize shopping lists and keep track of receipts.

Buy on Google

In the previous version of Google Shopping, clicking on a product listing would redirect the user to the retailer’s online store. Since its redesign, Shopping now offers direct purchase for some brands which places products in a Google Shopping Cart. This means you can purchase products without leaving the platform and make use of Google’s own customer support who handle returns and refunds on your behalf. To find items that you can buy directly on Google, look for the colorful shopping cart icon next to product images. Checkout is simple thanks to Google saving your payment information, and every order is backed by a Google guarantee. Finally, Google has even gone so far as to offset the carbon emissions created from your shipping order.


Price tracking

Under product pages, you can now select a Price Tracking toggle that will send you a notification when the price of the product falls. With the holidays and Black Friday around the corner, this new feature is perfectly timed.

Local inventory

If you’re in a hurry to buy a gift and you don’t have time to wait for delivery of an online purchase, you can make use of Google Shopping’s local inventory. You can search for a product and filter nearby locations to check if local stores have stock of the product you’re looking for.

Google Lens

In addition to the redesign, Google  also announced changes to Google Lens, a function which allows users to take a photo of a piece of clothing or furniture, from which Google will suggest similar products. With the update, you can take a screenshot of an Instagram post, for example, and use Lens in Google photos to see similar looks or styles. Lens can give shoppers inspiration on how to style their garments, and also pulls similar products on Shopping.


Offering a new and immersive experience, Google Shopping’s new desktop ad mobile features are an exciting addition to the platform.

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