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Google Shopping Ads expand to Gmail

Google sent out an email to all their advertisers on Thursday to announce that Standard Shopping Campaign ads will now be showing to Gmail users.

From the week of 4 March 2020, Shopping Ads will deliver in Gmail to advertisers who have opted into Youtube, Gmail and Discover and will be reported under the Google Display Network. Both Product ads and Showcase ads in your standard campaigns will be eligible to show on gmail, so be sure to opt in from your Google Ads account using these steps:

  1. Log into Google Ads
  2. Under the Campaigns tab, select your standard Shopping campaign
  3. Click Settings
  4. Under Networks, check the box next to ‘Youtube, Gmail and Discover’

Why Gmail? Great question. Gmail has over a billion users worldwide, so including the email platform as an ad spot makes sense when it comes to reach for your Shopping ads. Beyond that, it’s reasonable to assume that most retailers are sending mass promotional emails and newsletters to potential buyers, so having another touch point within Gmail could be a profitable strategy for brands. Google suggested that standard Shopping campaigns will be able to “reach customers who begin and continue their shopping journey in Gmail”.

You can create and run multiple Smart and Standard Shopping Campaigns in ShoppingFeeder in minutes, as well as keep track of your clicks, impressions and conversions all within the app.

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