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Getting Conversions on Google

One of the most challenging tasks for most online businesses is getting traffic without making any sales. We know that getting conversions on Google is especially challenging.

It’s unfortunate that lots of customers will visit your website but will leave without buying anything. However, there are some measures you can take to improve your website conversions. 

Since there are many global platforms you can use to convert customers, we’re going to discuss everything about getting Google Conversions that you may need to know.  

Why should I use Google for sales?

Here are some of the main reasons to use Google ads for conversions:

  • Try Free Ad Listings. Google Shopping allows users to list their products for free to test their performance on Google Shopping. 
  • Utilise a massive audience. Google is the most popular search engine globally, and with this comes the opportunity to sell an enormous amount of potential customers worldwide.
  • Gain top quality leads. Generally, people searching for products on Google have a firm intention to purchase, as they are conducting development or service research. 
  • Expand your reach. When using Google to advertise your products, you can showcase multiple products under one search query. 
  • Make a lasting impact. Google’s Shopping Ads are the primary visual ads you can expect when searching for a specific product on Google. 
Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Tips for Getting Conversions on Google

Consider your Ad Headlines. 

Think about how your audience speaks – this is how you should approach them. However, it would be best to encourage them to purchase by using phrases that increase urgency. Your ad copy should include the type of language your audience uses, as well as a hint to the action you want them to take.

Optimize your landing pages. 

If your conversion rates are not great despite changing your ads, the issue could lie in your landing pages. Your landing page needs to convince users to purchase your products. Make sure your offer is clear and direct, keep your page design simple, and ensure your ad’s language matches the language within your landing page.

Use social proof.

Social proof relates to how other people inspire our actions. In other words, you should be using reviews, case studies or testimonials on your landing page or website to encourage people to trust you and take action. If you are a B2B business, you may include logos of companies you’ve worked with. 

Try mobile-only ads.

 Depending on your website analytics, you may see most of your traffic coming from mobile device users. You can check this out with Google Analytics. If you see that most of your visitors come from mobile devices, you should try running a mobile-only ad campaign to avoid wasting money on reaching computer users. 

Check on your audience targeting.

If you are getting clicks and web traffic to your landing page and still no conversions, you may target the wrong audience. Consider examining your audience targeting settings to ensure you include and exclude the right groups of potential customers. You can also use Google’s custom affinity audiences, which allow you to start targeting interests and other places people are interested in. 

Integrations with Google for Conversions

Did you know that you can use ShoppingFeeder with Google to ensure your products are continuously updated on Google?

Our simple dashboard can save you time and money by helping you make the most of selling your products on Google.

We also recommend using Google Analytics if you haven’t started using it yet. It can give you great insight into what is working for your ads and what needs to be changed.

You could also find that the Google Ads Community is beneficial if you run into any problems. 

Google Ads
Google Ads

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You should use Google Advertising for your online store to remain competitive.

Some of the main reasons to use this platform include using free ad listings, a massive audience, top quality leads, and chances to expand your reach and make a significant impact on your customers. 

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