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Connect ShoppingFeeder to Takealot Marketplace

Export your product data to Takealot

Takealot Marketplace is South Africa’s most-loved e-commerce channel, hosting a variety of products from various businesses, outlets, and merchants. If you’re looking for a marketplace where (almost) anything goes, and you’re selling in South Africa, Takealot is not to be missed.

This article takes a closer look at Takealot marketplace, and a step-by-step guide on how to connect your ShoppingFeeder account to Takealot.

An Overview of Takealot 

Takealot is South Africa’s leading online retailer. Since inception in 2011, it has grown to host 1.5 million customers, and over 2000 merchants.

Learn more about Takealot by visiting:

How to Connect ShoppingFeeder to Takealot Marketplace

Step 1: Apply to become a seller

Assuming your ShoppingFeeder account is set up, the first thing you need to do is visit www.takealot.com.  On this page, in the top left corner next to the logo, click on “Sell on Takealot”.

Takealot Homepage

Next, click on “Apply to Sell”

Takealot Apply to Sell Portal

You will then need to fill out this form (be patient, they might only get back to you in 10 business days).

Fill out the merchant form

Here is a further resource for the Seller Application process

Step-by-step guide on Takealot Application process
Source: Takealot

Step 2: Sign up to the Takealot Marketplace Channel

Once you’re approved to sell your products on Takealot, you can head over to the ShoppingFeeder portal. On the left sidebar, click Feed Management (which will display a drop-down menu) and then click Channel Management

ShoppingFeeder Portal
ShoppingFeeder Portal

You will then be able to see all the channels you are currently subscribed to. Scroll down to where it says Subscribe to Channels and in the search bar type “Takealot Marketplace”. Once you see the channel, click the tickbox on the left.

Select Takealot Marketplace to integrate your product feed with ShoppingFeeder
ShoppingFeeder Portal

Step 3: Fill out the Information under channel settings

To connect ShoppingFeeder with Takealot, get your API key from your Takealot Merchant Portal
You will find your API key in your Takealot Seller Portal

You will need to fill in your API key. To get this, log in to your account on the Takealot seller portal using this link https://seller.takealot.com/login Next, click on the dropdown API Integrations and then click Seller API.

On this page, scroll down to authentication and copy your Current key.

Copy and Paste your API key into the ShoppingFeeder portal

Keep this key on hand when you head back to the ShoppingFeeder portal and paste it back into your Modify Channel Settings on ShoppingFeeder

Don’t forget to fill out the Leadtime Stock Days field and Leadtime Stock Days. Click Save.

Leadtime Stock Days refers to the amount of leadtime days for leadtime stock (maximum of 5, minimum of 1).

Step 4: Manage Offers

Takealot Marketplace will then appear under your subscribed channels on ShoppingFeeder. To manage your offers/products, click on the Green House Icon.

You have successfully integrated ShoppingFeeder to Takealot Marketplace! For more information visit ShoppingFeeder insights.

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