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Common Mistakes that Impact Conversions

One of the most common problems online store owners face is getting web traffic without conversions. Regardless of your web design updates, social media advertising or site views, sales are not necessarily guaranteed.

However, many details need to be checked that can interrupt the customer journey on your website. We’re going to list some common issues that may impact your store’s conversion rates. 

You’re not giving your customers enough information.

Did you know that there is required information that you need to convince your users to purchase from your store?

Some of this information includes listing your accepted payment methods, like cards or payment providers,

You should also ensure you provide enough content on your website, including product feed, descriptions, features, titles and attributes. Your customers are unlikely to buy from you if they do not know much about your products.

It’s also wise to list any affiliations or marketing channels you are live on. By doing this, more people can find you on a variety of channels. You can increase your conversions by giving users more places to find your products.

Google Shopping Data
Google Shopping Data

You do not have enough Social Proof.

Social proof is essential to convert customers. Social proof examples include reviews, case studies and testimonials from happy customers. This can help highlight who has purchased from your brand. A glowing review is likely to inspire others to buy from you. 

Humans inherently trust the opinions of their peers. Think about asking for customer reviews to improve conversions. You could also collate social media posts from happy customers to show off your products in the best possible light.

Social Proof for conversions
Social Proof for conversions

Your images need to be improved.

Most people prefer to shop by looking at visual examples of what they are going to purchase. When adding product images to your website, you need to ensure you are using high-quality images that do not include watermarks, overlays or text over the image.

The aim is to capture your products in the best possible way. It would help if you considered using professional photography services to help you out.

Poor-quality images will reflect poorly on your business and make you look unprofessional despite your products’ actual quality. Better image quality could mean higher conversions.

You have current account issues relating to networks or channels.

If you are selling on different marketplaces, channels or networks, there are specific requirements you need to meet to go live.

If you experience existing account issues related to these networks, channels may not show your products to your audience.

We find many merchants have issues with Google Merchant Center, including Google Disapprovals. One way to fix this is to ensure your feed is updated and healthy with ShoppingFeeder.

Always ensure you have the correct GTINs in place to prevent feed issues. 

Your website takes too long to load.

You may be getting good traffic to your website, but new visitors will likely click away from your website if your page is slow to load.

It shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds to load fully.

Make sure your hosting service is reliable, and you should check your loading times. You can use a free tool like Google’s Grow My Store to show you some improvement areas for your website. 

You haven’t optimized for mobile users.

Having a great UX design is crucial for your website. UX can help users feel satisfied by visiting your store. A good flow will also help users quickly find what they want and makes buying products as simple as possible.

Don’t neglect mobile users when looking at web design and customer flow. You need to solve your customer’s issues and make them happy when they use your website.

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There are many other reasons you may not be getting the conversions you need, but these are some of the most common reasons we’ve discovered here at ShoppingFeeder.

It takes a lot of time and effort to unpack what could be fixed, so we recommend doing a thorough website analysis if this is something you need assistance with.

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