Feed Management File Formats

Accurate product data is critical in running your online store and ensuring overall customer loyalty and satisfaction. Part of this journey involves the back-end specifications of your product data and […]

Return on Customer Experience

Your customers ultimately make the final call in terms of purchase and overall satisfaction with a brand. When it comes to ensuring enhancing your client and customer experience before and […]

Niche Channels for WooCommerce

Carving out an E-Commerce niche Carving out your e-commerce niche for your WooCommerce store requires a good understanding of your audience and niche marketing channels. ‘Niche’ in business refers to […]

Black Friday 2022 Predictions

This article outlines a few key Black Friday 2022 predictions ahead of the biggest days in retail – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Data and statistics are paramount to ensuring […]

A Guide to Buy on Google

Google Advertising and Buying: All you need to know The first option for eCommerce product advertising for online merchants is Google Ads! If you’re a small and ambitious business looking […]

Black Friday Discount Strategies

A personalized discount strategy is integral to increasing sales and keeping customers connected and engaged with your store and products. There are several advantages to discounting, and although it seems […]

Google Vs Microsoft Ad Types

When it comes to marketing your or your client’s products, it’s important to consider the types of adverts that display on various channels, and how they impact audiences. This article […]


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