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5 Tips to Improve your Home Office

After COVID-19 hit last year, remote working has become the new normal for many. Major companies are seeing the benefits of enforcing remote or flexible working permanently to help their employees enjoy a flexible working situation.

We’ve noticed that many workers prefer remote working in their home office to being in an office premises because it often lends itself well to Flexi-hours. Working in your home office can help you save time on commuting and getting ready for work during the day, too.

While at home, you can do household chores between meetings to tidy up your space. For example, if you have 10 minutes between calls, you could get a load of washing running, or clean up your lunch plate in the kitchen.

However, if you are limited for space, it can feel like your workday never ends. Here are some simple and cheap ways to improve your home office setup to help you become more productive from ShoppingFeeder.

1. Try New Headphones

Headphones or a headset has become vital to remote meetings during the workday. Headphones come at a variety of price points, so getting a new set to try out is a good investment for remote working as the quality of your voice on video calls will be much better.

2. Raise your Monitor/Laptop

Did you know that your eyes should be level with your laptop screen while at work? Commonly, workers put their laptops too low, which can cause eye strain later and neck pain later.

If you need to raise your monitor, you can simply add a few books under your monitor to add height. If you’re using a laptop, you may find that a laptop stand is needed.

Because of this, you may need an external mouse and keyboard for your laptop.

Raised Laptop in Home Office
Raised Laptop in Home Office

3. Organise your chargers

It’s a smart idea to keep all of your device chargers together at your workspace. Ideally, these would be great in a drawer at your desk, but you could also get an inexpensive storage crate or box to keep these together.

Keep this bundle of chargers together to maximise time spent productively even when your battery runs low.

4. Add plants to your space

Studies have shown that when workers are close to nature, a positive result is found, such as increased productivity and reduced stress levels.

Investing in a cheap plant to add to your home office can help you relax during the day.

Similarly, you could invest in a scented candle or essential oil to provide a calming or energising scent to your office if you are likely to you enjoy these aromas.

5. Rest your eyes

This may sound silly, but it can have a huge impact! You may need to make a strong effort to remember to do this.

To reduce eye strain, you need to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes, stop looking at your screen. Stare at something 20 feet away (6 meters) and hold it for 20 seconds.

Optometrists swear by this rule for eye health.


Improving your home working space doesn’t need to cost you the earth. Using some helpful tricks like resting your eyes and propping a few books under your monitor are free and can benefit your health in the long run.

However, there’s always many things to spend your money on if you want to invest a little more in your home office!

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