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5 Tips for Success on Shopify

Shopify is considered to be a world-leading platform for many reasons. It’s fantastic inbuilt marketing tools, advanced functionality and excellent technical support are just a few to mention. Therefore, many individuals have chosen Shopify as their preferred platform to market their products. With so many stores joining the Shopify community, it’s important to follow these 5 Tips for Success on Shopify to ensure you’re a cut above the rest!

1. Improve Customer Experience

Customer Experience

When aiming for success on Shopify, one of the first things to place importance on is customer experience. This plays a huge role in retaining and acquiring customers. If you’re in any kind of business, be it eCommerce or brick-and-mortar, you should know that the success rate of selling a product is much higher when selling to existing customers, compared to new customers.

Here are a few great ways to improve customer experience and retention:

  • Ensure their first experience of purchasing from your store is positive.
  • Follow up with them.
  • Keep them up to date with newsletters, social media posts and email marketing.
  • Make them feel special by personalising their order or offering exclusive promotions.

2. Use Plugins

Overall, Shopify provides a great structure and framework to work off, with a variety of free themes to choose from. However, if you really want to see your business succeed, while making your life easier, try installing a few plugins that can increase the overall functionality of your store.

Here are a few worth looking into:

  • Free Shipping Bar by Hextom
    • 90% of consumers say free shipping is their top incentive to shop online more.
  • ShoppingFeeder
    • Allows you to sell your products on marketing channels with ease.
  • Plug in SEO
    • We all know how important SEO is in the online space. This will allow you to improve the ranking of your Shopify store.
  • Wishlist Plus
    • Allows your customers to seamlessly create a wishlist, which is a great add-on feature!

3. Utilize Social Media

Utilize Social Media to be Successful on Shopify

With social media booming and Facebook being the most popular social network worldwide, it’s important to ensure your store is keeping up with online trends. In addition, since so many people browse social media daily, it’s a fantastic way to market your products.

Here are a few ideas to utilize social media:

  • Creating ads on social media (Facebook and Instagram do particularly well).
  • Post interesting and engaging content on a regular basis.
  • Use eye-catching images to attract the attention of readers.

4. Optimize your Shopify Store for Mobile

Optimize your Shopify store for mobile to ensure success

If you’re like most other online store owners, you probably created your Shopify store using a computer, and therefore thought your store looked great on desktop. However, believe it or not, most people browse eCommerce stores on their mobile phones. It’s therefore so important to ensure that your Shopify Store is optimized for mobile use.

To make sure your store is consistent across both desktop and mobile, log on through your phone and ensure you keep in mind the following:

  • Images
    • Make sure they are proportionate to the page and are high resolution.
  • Text
    • Don’t insert too much text so that it takes the reader forever to reach “Buy” or “Add to Cart”. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Appeal and Navigation
    • Ensure the mobile version of your Shopify store remains visually appealing to the reader.
    • Test out the site and determine whether it is user-friendly and easy to navigate from a ‘buyer’ point of view.

If you would like to know more on how to Optimize your eCommerce store in general, use our helpful guide.

5. Improve SEO

Arguably one of the most important things to consider when starting any website or online store is SEO. Following an SEO strategy is a crucial part of growing your online store. This will allow browsers looking for products that you sell, to find your store.

To rank on popular search engines consider doing the following:

  • Ensure your site speed is fast. To increase the speed, try decreasing image sizes and remove apps that you no longer use.
  • Use relevant keywords. Do this by using Google Keyword Planner to find frequently searched for keywords related to your online store.
  • Include interesting, relevant content to ensure people stay on your website/page.

Still confused or unsure about SEO? Use our guide on Understanding SEO.


All in all, Shopify is a great eCommerce platform in its own right, but as a store owner it’s crucial to ensure you are getting the best out of your Shopify store and enhancing it’s features. By using these 5 tips for Success on Shopify, we hope your online store reaches new heights!

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