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3 Ways Of Maintaining Customer Loyalty After Black Friday

While we all know that Black Friday often generates a lot of traffic to eCommerce sites, the problem lies in maintaining these customers after the hype wears off. It would be great if we could just keep these customers coming back at the click of a button, but unfortunately it takes a lot more effort than just that. This article therefore aims to provide insight on 3 Ways of Maintaining Customer Loyalty After Black Friday.

The three points we’ll be speaking to include:

  • Prioritizing Customer Service
  • Send Follow ups
  • Implement a Loyalty Program

1. Prioritizing Customer Service

Prioritise Customer Service

Not that Black Friday should make you all of a sudden improve your customer service, but it’s extremely important to show excellent customer service over BFCM and the holiday season. One thing to also point out is that it’s no longer enough to do the bare minimum and provide service to customers when they need it. The world of customer service has evolved into a space that aims to ensure customers are either successful or delighted with their shopping experience. Hence the new terminology, ‘customer success’ and ‘customer delight’ making more of an appearance in recent days.

Although it’s hugely important to have an actual customer help team, there are easier and often more efficient ways to providing good customer service. These include things like cart abandonment emails and live chat. Make sure you incorporate these things into your preparation for Black Friday!

2. Send Follow Ups

Send follow ups

It’s important to be mindful that over the BFCM period and holiday season, customers often purchase from multiple online and physical stores, and may therefore not remember exactly where they bought certain products from.

This is where follow ups come in handy! Whether you create a Black Friday workflow in a third party marketing app like Omnisend or send out follow up emails manually, this should definitely bring a few customers back to your store.

Once all the buzz has calmed down, it would be beneficial to send a follow up email to customers either asking how they found their purchase or showcase similar products on offer, to reignite their memory about your brand.

3. Implement a Loyalty Program

Implement a loyalty program

Another way that’s sure to keep your customers coming back for more, is by implementing a loyalty program. You’ll have to be quick on the trigger for this one though, as you should implement it before the Black Friday buzz begins. That way, customers would have accumulated points from their purchases over Black Friday, which you can then leverage off, and send reminder emails to use their points.

If you’re interested in this, take a look at this Comprehensive Guide on eCommerce Loyalty Programs.


Although Black Friday directs a lot of traffic to your site, the challenge lies in maintaining these customers. In this article, we explored 3 ways to Maintaining Customer Loyalty After Black Friday. The top three things we have found to be most effective include 1. Prioritising Customer Service, 2. Follow ups and 3. Implementing a Loyalty Program.

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