Our top PPC Tools

Creating an exceptional PPC ad campaign (on Google or elsewhere) is a difficult task to follow through, no matter how experienced you may be. There are a lot of time-consuming […]

What is PPC anyway?

Image: Launchpresso You’ve heard about Google, but do you know what pay-per-click or PPC ads are? PPC ads are a way for advertisers to achieve a high ranking on search […]

Make money from home

With a global resurgence of high unemployment rates thanks to the ‘rona, employment has become a worldwide problem, which means that everyone needs to work harder to survive. This means […]

Campaigns in Google

Image: 200 Degrees Google Ads has been in operation since 2000, during the well-known ‘tech crunch’ in our commercial history. It’s no secret that Google is one of the most […]


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